Department of Diaspora Studies 
The main purpose of the Department of Diaspora Studies activities is to create
necessary analytical resources for the study of modern Diaspora.
The Department pursues the following objectives:
  • to explore the economic, social and spiritual potential of the various parts of the Armenian population worldwide
  • to seek ways of unifying the nation in the face of both nationwide and specific issues
  • to develop strategies for preserving and strengthening the national identity



On April 3-18, within the framework of “The Armenians

in their Own and Foreign Environments: Comparative

Ethno-Sociological Studies” program, three researchers

of Department of Diaspora Studies visited Tehran to study

the local Armenian community. Our colleagues carried 

research studies based on sociological methods. 

It is intended to summarize the results, development

and scientific analysis.




Published in Moscow in 2013 "Армянская диаспора

в контексте российско-армянских экономических

связей" (The Armenian Diaspora in Armenian-Russian

economic relations context). Team monograph, which

was published in the project ...