Department of Diaspora Studies 
The main purpose of the Department of Diaspora Studies activities is to create
necessary analytical resources for the study of modern Diaspora.
The Department pursues the following objectives:
  • to explore the economic, social and spiritual potential of the various parts of the Armenian population worldwide
  • to seek ways of unifying the nation in the face of both nationwide and specific issues
  • to develop strategies for preserving and strengthening the national identity



On May 23 of the current year, the Department of Diaspora Studies hosted Ukrainian Ambassador Kulik Mikhailovich in Armenia.

Issues related to establishing an Armenian Studies Chair at the International University of Kiev, the establishment of a regional

center for studying Armenian in the Armenian Cultural Relations Association, as well as cooperation with the Institute of

Archeology and Ethnography and cooperation with the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences were discussed during the meeting.

The meeting ended with discussion of the problems of scientific cooperation between Ukraine and Armenia.










Made under edition of Karapetyan R.. Barseghyan S.,

The Armenian family vis-a-vis contemporary challenges

Proceedings of the international conference dedicated to the memory of a prominent researcher of the Armenian family, ethnographer Emma Karapetyan

Ethno-sociolological Studies of Armenia and the Diaspora, N 13

Yerevan, Publishing house of the Institute of Archaelogy and Ethnography of NAS RA, 2019



  On November 12 of the current year, in the institute of Archeology and Ethnography of the National Academy of Sciences of the RA,

the seminar on the Priority issues of Armenian  Diaspora Studies was held, which was organized by the department of Diaspora Studies

and the Diaspora research center Haigazian university in Beirut.

The seminar was attended by Pavel Avetisyan- Head of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography,

Rouber Karapetyan-Head of the department of Diaspora Studies, Sona Nersisyan – researcher of the department of Diaspora Studies,

Andranik Daqesyan – director of Haykazyan university`s ``Armenian diaspora studies center`` of Beirut, Reverend Paul Haydostian.

Rouben Karapetyan, Head of the department of Diaspora Studies, was the main reporter. He spoke on `` The Main Problems and Methodological Principles of Modern Diaspora Studies``.  

Andranik Daqesyan, Paul Haydostian, Pavel Avetisyan and Mihran Galstyan attended the discussinon on the report. At the end of the seminar the participants mentioned the need of

coordinating the efforts of Armenian research centers and scientists of Armenia and Diaspora in the development of research projects in the Armenian diaspora.



From July of this year, the Department of Diaspora Studies started cooperation

with the Armenian-Czech Cooperation Center, within which a corresponding memorandum was signed.

"Armenian-Czech Cooperation Center" foundation was established in 2017 with the mission of strengthening

and deepening the Armenia-Czechia relationship and establishing cultural and business bridges between the two capitals.





On June 22-24, 2018 The members of the Department

(Suzanna Barseghyan, Sona Nersisyan and Lusine Tanajyan) 

have participated on the international conference “Armenia: Realities and Perspectives” . 

They have presented report on topic "Homeland Perception In The Diaspoa".