The books published by the order of the RA Ministry

of Diaspora last year were presented during a

presentation held on June 1.

Head of the Department of Diaspora Studies of the Institute of

Archaeology and Ethnography of the NAS RA Ruben Karapetyan talked

about the book entitled “The Armenians in their Own and Foreign

Environments: Comparative Ethno-Sociological Studies” (Institute of

Archaeology and Ethnography of the NAS RA). The publication is the

fruit of long years of adaptations in studies on Diaspora carried out

through the government’s goal-oriented program. The book includes

articles that are based on the results of ethno-sociological studies

conducted among the Armenians of Yerevan (Republic of Armenia),

Moscow (Russian Federation), Los Angeles (USA) and Tehran (Islamic

Republic of Iran) between the years of 2011 and 2014.

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