"Diaspora Armenian Entrepreneurs in Armenia: Their operational Experience, Issues and Perspectives"

“The ways of solving the integration and adaption problems of Armenian immigrants, who have come from Syria” 

The project aims to provide a scientific justification for the emergency

conditions of immigrants in their ethnic homeland adoption, placement,

adjustment, organization and the conceptual basis for the development

of the republic’s policy. The project includes three areas of research.

data collection, empirical research, elaboration of successful adaptation of mechanisms.

“The migration & the new Armenian New Diaspora”

Karapetyan RS

(Ethno-sociological research)

Ethno-sociological research of Armenia and Diaspora

National Academy of Sciences of Republic of Armenia “Science” publishment, 2013

“The national republic in the Armenian Press. A look from Armenia & Diaspora”

In 2012, our department embarked on ethnic and social character of a book,

which was financed by the Ministry of Diaspora. Preliminary topics of research

in the book are; the field of the content analysis during applying the research,

methodology; the image of Armenia in the newspapers of Armenia and the

Armenian Diaspora, the typological problems of Armenian ethnic identity etc.

“The main directions of comparative studies of the Armenians in the own and foreign environments. The problems and the perspectives of the study”

The program is funded by the state budget for scientific and technical activities (2010-2014).

The project outlined in the development of ethnic Armenians in their own environment and

foreign comparative research program. In the project are involved methodological and

technical resources of Armenian ethnos with the current situation of information acquisition,

which allow to determine the ethnicity of maintenance strategy, to develop homeland-diaspora

relations & to identify the vision of the public policy of Armenia. 

“The Role of the Armenian Diaspora in the economic cooperation of Armenia and Russia. The experience, the problems & the perspectives”

In the framework of the project is planned to research the economical potential of the 

Armenian diaspora, who lives in Russian Federation, the survey of the economic cooperation

between the Armenian community or its representatives, as well as existing problems in the

cooperation & in future the delineation of the possible ways for their solution.