Department of Diaspora Studies of

Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography NAS RA

invites you to participate in the international webinar on "The Development of Model of Studying and Mapping the Potential of the Armenian Diaspora", which will take place on September 17, 2020 at 12PM (GMT + 4).

The webinar will be conducted by the Head of Department of Diaspora Studies, Doctor of Historical Sciences R. Karapetyan.



Yerevan - Pavel Avetisyan, Armen Voskanyan, Vardan Saakyan and the researchers of the Department of Diaspora Studies;

Almaty - Aram Navasardyan;

Beirut - Andranik Dakesian, Paul Haidostian;

Berlin - Haik Martirosian;

Kiev - Yelena Oganesyan;

Marseille - Patrick Donabedian;

Poznan - Gor Martirosian;

Vladikavkaz - Samvel Meliksetyan;

Paris - Rene Levonian.

General seminar-attendance review.

Nowadays the radical changes are taking place in the Armenian Diaspora affecting various aspects of the life of whole nation. Within this context the changes, emerging in the Diaspora, are deeper, because the living conditions of the Armenian ethnic group vary greatly from one environment to another which poses many challenges to reproduction of ethnicity and the preservation of identity.

The contents of the programme «The Development of Model of Studying and Mapping the Potential of the Armenian Diaspora» were presented to the participants.

Topics to be discussed:

• The Problems of Modeling the Potential of Diaspora.

• The Methodology of Identifying and Studing the Potential of Diaspora.

• The Project Prospects.

To each participant will be given 5-10 minutes to discuss the topic or answer questions.

The link to connect the webinar will be shared on September 16 until 18:00 (GMT + 4).




Tel . +374 098 540 355.