On December 12 and 13, 2023, the conference "ETHNOSOCIAL CHANGES IN THE ARMENIAN DIASPORA. TENDENCIES AND DEVELOPMENTS" organized by The Department of Diaspora Studies of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography of NAS RA and The National Museum of Armenian Ethnography and History of the Liberation Struggle was held in Sardarapat.

The conference was designed to discuss the changes taking place in the Armenian Diaspora, the methodological and theoretical problems of their study, and to show the course and content of these changes based on research conducted in different communities of the Armenian Diaspora.

The two-day conference included presentations by participants from Armenia and various countries, including Lebanon (Beirut), Czech Republic (Prague), Russia (Moscow), USA (Michigan), Lithuania (Vilnius), Netherlands (Amsterdam), Ukraine (Kiev), Hungary (Budapest).

Dr. Ruben Karapetyan, Head of the Diaspora Studies Department of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography of NAS RA, Ph.D. Associate Professor Karen Pakhlevanyan, Director of the Memorial Complex of Sardarapat battle, National Museum of Armenian Ethnography and History of Liberal Struggle, Ph.D. Svetlana Poghosyan, Deputy Director for Scientific Work of MAE, delivered opening speeches at the conference.

 The conference included four sessions on "The Different Aspects of Armenia-Diaspora Relations", "Armenian Diaspora. Situation and Developments", "Methodological Approaches to the Studies of Diaspora" and "Diasporas and Socio-Cultural Processes. Regional Changes”.

Each session included impactful discussions on the topics presented.

Presentations on interesting topics were made by Andranik Tagesian, Head of the Armenian Diaspora Research Center (ADRC) at the Haigazian University of Beirut ("Analytical Concept on the Transformation of Armenian Communities "), Ara Sanjian, the Director of the Armenian Research Center at the University of Michigan-Dearborn ("Armenian Voter Preferences and the Armenian Political Parties in the Lebanese Parliamentary Elections of 2018 and 2022"), Gassia Armenian, Curatorial and Research Associate at Fowler Museum at UCLA ("Remain in Light: Visions of Homeland and Diaspora"), Ph.D., Associate Professor Stepan Zaharkevich from European Humanities University of Vilnius ("Culture of Memory of Armenian Communities in Eastern Europe and the Influence of Historical Policies on It at the Present Stage") and numerous of other well-known researchers.

The conference included the presentation of a collection of research materials from the Diaspora Studies Department "Armenian Communities in France Today. Inside View", and monographs of Lusine Tanajyan "Ethnosocial Changes in the Armenian Diaspora" and Sona Nersisyan "Network Relations in the Armenian Diaspora".