About Us



The Department of Diaspora Studies was established in 2011

and has implemented a number of research projects related to the modern Diaspora.

* “The ways of solving the integration and adaption problems of Armenian immigrants, who have come from Syria” Project (2013-2015).

* “The memories of the Armenian Genocide’s witnesses” collection (2014).

* “The main directions of comparative studies of the Armenians in the own and foreign environments. The problems & the perspectives of the study” Book (2014).

* “The migration & the new Armenian Diaspora” Project (2014).

* “The national republic in the Armenian Press. A look from Armenia & Diaspora” Project (2012).

* “The main directions of comparative studies of the Armenians in the own and foreign environments. The problems and the perspectives of the study” Project (2014).

* “The Role of the Armenian Diaspora in the economic cooperation of Armenia and Russia. The experience, the problems & the perspectives. Armenian-Russian project (2011-2013).

* “Ethno-sociological research-project of the Armenians of Russia & Krasnodar” Project (2011-2013).

* “About the Armenian community of Russia” monograph, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, foreign member of the Academy Yu. V. Harutyunyan, (2012).

* “The ethno-sociological study of the Armenians of Russia, Krasnodar & Armenia” Project (2011).

Organizational Structure

The Department of Diaspora Studies has the following structure. Main staff, consultants, contract workers and volunteers.


Ruben Karapetyan

Head of the department, Doctor in History

* Karine Nalbandyan

Researcher, anthropologist

* Suzanna Barseghyan

Researcher, sociologist

* Lusine Tanajyan

Researcher, sociologist

* Sona Nersisyan

Researcher, sociologist

Salvine Markosyan

Researcher, orientalist

Arman Andrikyan

Researcher, historian

Tamar Arax Bardakjian

Researcher, linguist

Artyom Gasparyan




* Ashot Avetisyan

Researcher, Ph.D. in economic sciences

* Vanya Barseghyan

Scientific adviser, doctor of physico-mathematical sciences, head of the department of Diaspora of the National Academy of Sciences

* Sergey Vardazaryan

Scientific adviser, doctor of philosophy, head of cultural department of the Russian (Slavonic) University

* Yervand Markaryan

Scientific adviser, Ph.D. in historical sciences, head of history department of the Russian (Slavonic) University 

* Gregory E. Areshian

Scientific adviser, Ph.D. in archaeological sciences, associate researcher at Costen Institute of Archaeology, adj. associate professor of near eastern archaeology at Department of Near Eastern Languages & Culture