About Us



The Department of Diaspora Studies was established in 2011

and has implemented a number of research projects related to the modern Diaspora.

During its activity the Department has established contacts and signed cooperation agreements with scientific organizations from 7 countries. These are Institute of History and Ethnography of the Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan, Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, International University of Kiev, Polish Institute of Armenian Studies, Centre of Diaspora Studies of Haykazian University of Lebanon, Minsk State University and Institute of Humanities of North Ossetia.

Organizational Structure

The Department of Diaspora Studies has the following structure. Main staff, consultants, contract workers and volunteers.


Ruben Karapetyan

Head of the department, Doctor in History

* Karine Nalbandyan

Researcher, anthropologist

* Suzanna Barseghyan

Researcher, sociologist

* Lusine Tanajyan

Researcher, sociologist

* Sona Nersisyan

Researcher, sociologist

Salvine Markosyan

Researcher, orientalist

Arman Andrikyan

Researcher, historian

Nelli Khachaturian

Researcher, sociologist, orientalist



* Ashot Avetisyan

Researcher, Ph.D. in economic sciences

* Vanya Barseghyan

Scientific adviser, doctor of physico-mathematical sciences, head of the department of Diaspora of the National Academy of Sciences

* Sergey Vardazaryan

Scientific adviser, doctor of philosophy, head of cultural department of the Russian (Slavonic) University

* Yervand Markaryan

Scientific adviser, Ph.D. in historical sciences, head of history department of the Russian (Slavonic) University 

* Gregory E. Areshian

Scientific adviser, Ph.D. in archaeological sciences, associate researcher at Costen Institute of Archaeology, adj. associate professor of near eastern archaeology at Department of Near Eastern Languages & Culture